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Hotaru Concept

our Teppanyaki performance with your five senses:

see it with your eyes, smell flavors, hear a sizzle of steak on the grill,
feel gorgeous atmosphere, and taste selected foods and dishes.

We are ready to serve you with selected ingredients: specially-selected Japanese beef as well as Kobe-branded Beef,
best quality “A-5”-ranked Kagoshima black beef, and rare breed Saddleback pork.

Teppanyaki Steakhouse Hotaru

Selected Ingredients Kagoshima Black Beef

Black Beef is said to be among the finest beef in Japan,
mostly bred in Kagoshima.
Its fine, tender,
beautifully marbled meat is even referred.

Selected Ingredients Kagoshima Black Beef

Selected Ingredients Saddleback pork

Saddleback pork is rare breed, which was originated in Britain.
Now in parts of Italy, it is also being bred as rare breed pork called Cintanese.
The meat is juicy, and of special note is the high quality of its fat.
Producers huge efforts have succeeded in maximizing the quality of taste of Saddleback.
We cook it on the grill delicately and spectacularly for you.

We are also ready to delight your palate with fresh seafood from Tsukiji market as well as fresh vegetables,
which create a good harmony with those beef and pork.

Selected Ingredients Saddleback pork

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~Teppanyaki Steak Hotaru~

Address 〒104-0061 Rapebiru 1F 6-7-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
(5 minutes walk from Yurakucho Station / JR 3 minutes walk from Ginza Subway Station Exit B3)

Opening 17:00~23:00(LO. 22:00) / Sat 17:00~22:00(LO. 21:00)

Closed Closed on Sun, and Holidays. it is a regular holiday for the maintenance in the shop.

Phone 03-6252-9025